St. Ann’s Parish is part of the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Southwark.

St. Ann’s makes visible the compassionate and unconditional love and mercy of God in our community.

The Holy Spirit guides our pastoral activities, enlivening our Catholic faith as we witness the forgiving, healing and saving presence of Jesus as one Church and as one people.

Our Parish strives to foster a committed and generous Catholic Community.

We strengthen the spiritual life of all parishioners through enthusiastic and dedicated participation in prayer and the sacraments, promoting opportunities to grow in faith and hope and providing a place to come together in the love of God and neighbour.

1. We generously share our gifts of time, talent, and financial resources to enable many ministries that make the Body of Christ a visible and effective presence in our world.

2. We reach out to Christians and all people of good will to partake with us in Jesus Christ’s mission to build God's Kingdom on earth.